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Social networks and social media websites are some of the most popular destinations on the Internet today. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, and Twitter are among the twenty most viewed sites on the web, ranking higher than former Internet phenomena like Amazon and eBay and news sites like and At the beginning of 2009, statistics showed that social networking and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were visited a combined 1.3 billion times per month, and with new reports indicating a sharp increase in Facebook’s user base—from 200 million to an unprecedented 350 million in just 8 months—the public’s interest in social networking shows absolutely no signs of waning. With numbers like these, it’s no wonder businesses large and small are joining social networking and social media sites to promote their brands.

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While there is no tangible way for us to measure the impact that social networks have on business marketing, 81% of marketers who are using social networks to promote products, provide customer service, solicit customer input, and create brand awareness report seeing major benefits. Here’s why:

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