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Nothing in the history of marketing has enabled a new or small business to have an equal position with big companies, as does Google AdWords, Pay Per Click.

A large corporation may have decades of brand building and numerous marketing and sales programs to promote its products.

A start-up or existing business that wants to gain marketing parity immediately achieves first-page positions for relevant search terms on Google, Bing, YouTube, and many diverse platforms.

If your budget can afford it, AdWords (Pay Per Click) is very effective! However: AdWords can be expensive!  Should AdWords not be set up, managed, & measured correctly, Very Expensive!

Suppose you are a new business. You usually cannot rank organically immediately. And depending on your industry and competition, ranking may take months or years.

If you’re looking for immediate traffic to your website, then Pay-Per-Click marketing is one way to help build and create your company’s immediate web presence. In most industries, you must utilize some AdWords campaign(s). You don’t need to spend large amounts of money for Page One positioning for Google Search results; however, you do need to do the research. 

Determine which key terms benefit your business. Your business has two or three primary key terms and ten or more secondary terms that will drive revenue traffic, producing revenue if the searcher visits your site. You can count on an ROI from those terms – typically, a very favorable ROI. 

You need to determine the reasonable reach of traffic to your website – can you sell to anyone, or do they need to be within a short drive to your business?

Pay Per Click can drive specific prospects to your site.

Google AdWords can work for you, but it is not a program for those who want to “give it a try”. AdWords campaigns require understanding and care to produce results without considerable costs.

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Every business should put aside a percentage of sales for marketing.

If you want to increase sales, increase your brand’s value, or test a new market or product, Google AdWords allows you to focus on terms never before available to Business. AdWords campaigns will enable you to determine if that new campaign will provide value to your Business.

A particular value is how well PPC lends itself to Local Internet Marketing. Advertising in a local newspaper, magazine or customized directory delivers your message to many readers and viewers who have absolutely no interest in your products or services.

A Keyword, geographical targeted AdWords campaign puts your message in front of those seeking your services.

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If your customers come from a defined area around your business – a local business – PPC allows you to target that area, define the keyword(s) that define your products and services. Thus, those Internet searchers within that defined area, maybe a 10-mile radius from your business address, who are using Google, Bing, or other search properties to find products or services will see your advertisement.

These searchers do not know the name of your business, but they know they want a widget or a service and they want it from a business down the street.

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A podiatrist in a prominent Metroplex wants to grow their practice by adding new patients. They know that most of their current patients come from a ten-mile radius around their address. Red Coyote Services has defined the average searcher for podiatry services, knowing they search for terms like bunion surgery, foot pain, ankle pain, foot injuries, etc. All revenue-producing key terms for the practice. These searchers are seeking relief but do not know that  this podiatrist service is blocks away.

An AdWords campaign, which will only appear for the specific revenue-generating terms within the defined geographical area — ten miles in this case, is seen by those who need your business – they are a “warm” lead. You are not advertising to the masses, but those with a clear need within your defined marketing area. And! You only pay for this advertisement if the searcher selects your ad to visit your website.

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