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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Do It Right!

Online companies are flourishing and growing in increasing numbers each and every day — you are likely receiving several e-mail a week, telling you that your business is not optimized and we promise to put you at the top of the search engine if you just trust us. Anyone who guarantees they can get you to the top of the SERP, Search Engine Results Page, is simply not being honest. They might get your business name to rank you on the first page — it should without them — or they can buy a few keywords and use a Pay Per Click/Google AdWords program to get you to the top, or use some tricks. This approach does not grow your business!

While it is not a Black-Hat approach, it is simply incomplete and not in your best interest.

Legitimate, Professional SEO practices work!

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – A Must Do!

In the current economy, every business must use every avenue to expose its products and services to customers. One advertising avenue which has become a boulevard is the Internet and Internet/Digital Marketing. Millions of companies are competing for your attention on the ‘net. And while it seems endless, it really comes down to one page – the first page of an Internet keyword or key term search. Few, very few, searchers look beyond the results on the first page of a search, instead rephrasing of refining their search results instead of looking at page two, three or fifty. If your website appears on any page outside the first page for your products and services, you need to take steps to correct that issue. You do that by using legitimate techniques of Search Engine Optimization.

Your business has several to many specific key terms that should direct searchers to your business. The goal is to rank – Page One – for those terms. Not Easy, in particular if you are in a competitive industry!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is now a necessity!

According to Pew Internet & the American life:”…the number of those using a search engine on a typical day is pulling ever closer to the 90%…”.

Search Engine Optimization is a shortcut to some of the best advertising on the web. Where basic advertising only represents a portion of what a company can offer. SEO brings traffic through your entire website. This is top-notch advertising in the internet business world.

Search Engine Optimization is not a secret

There are many variables which determine if your company’s website will appear on the first page of a relevant search, but the three most important and those missed by so many companies – and website designers – are discussed and illustrated throughout the ‘net. Do a search for “Search Engine Optimization” and you will see a wealth of information about how to implement SEO. The Search Engines freely discuss the higher level elements of their process of returning the best results to the searcher.

If you are like most businesses, you have to focus on the everyday aspects of your business and simply do not have time to do Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We, on the other hand, do! Contact us for a free SEO Evaluation and to see what we can do for your business.


Notice the use of the word relevant in each action.

The goal of the Search Engine is to find the most relevant results for the searcher and if your page is relevant, it will be displayed. And isn’t that what you want, visitors to your website who are interested in your products and services, thus more likely to buy? Of course it is!

Take a look at your website

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, each displays the title tag of the page in the blue bar at the top of the page or in Safari’s case at the top, center of the page. If the words in that area are Home, About Us or the name of your company instead of a keyword/keyword phrase that describes a product or service of your business, you are harming your business.

Look at your webpage

Are you using your keywords in the content on the page? Or, you have been told that no one reads, so you only need pictures. People do continue to read, but Search Engines only read – they do not look at the pictures, in fact, they can’t see pictures. If you want your page to be relevant, have relevant keywords in the title tag and in the content on the page. If you are selling Plantation Shutters, ensure you say Plantation Shutters in the title tag and in the content on the page. If you can’t do this, call or contact us, we can!

For a discussion about Content Development, select the link.

Perhaps most important “relevant” step

The last and perhaps most important “relevant” step is to give other websites reason to link to your website. This may be the difference between page one and page fifty of the search results. Links from other website to your website indicate value or authority. If you have good content or information on your website, others will link (refer to your website) for additional detail, making you an authority. This is a difference maker! Getting links are not easy, you may need assistance. Call or contact us, we can get you relevant links. For more tips on increasing your website’s ranking in the search engines, contact us today.



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