What Does Google Glass Do?

google glass

If you haven’t heard about it already, Google’s latest technological wonder is Google Glass. They released a few prototypes that could be purchased for $1500 each back on April 15th, and a more affordable consumer version will be available later this year.

Red Coyote Services has donated one of the $1500 Google Glass prototypes to be auctioned off at this year’s GRACE Gala. The renowned GRACE Gala experience will have remarkable gourmet foods and fine wines, great music and dancing. It’s a wonderful, fun evening for a noble cause, and one lucky tech-aficionado will go home with the very latest in “wearable technology” from Google. So what can you do with Google Glass?

In one sentence, Google Glass is a pair of glasses that act as a wearable computer. In reality, what you can do with it will be almost limitless. It’ll have an app store that third-party developers can use to create any app they can imagine.

In terms of wearing Google Glass, there’s not all that much to it. In fact, it’s just like wearing a heavy pair of glasses.

But what you want to know is what it’s going to do. Here’s what some have to say:

  1. Take pictures using a voice command. You’ll say, “Okay Glass, take a picture.”
  2. Listen to a recipe while cooking. Glass will be very helpful with situations that occupy both of your hands. You’ll be able to see the menu in front of you instead of having to look around for it.
  3. Helping the disabled. If someone’s a quadriplegic, they can shoot videos or take pictures simply by using the voice-activated command system of Google Glass.
  4. Learn traffic patterns for work. When you start eating breakfast in the morning, check out what’s happening while wearing Google Glass.
  5. Get special deals. As you drive to work wearing Glass, special offers from companies like Starbucks appear on the side of your screen.
  6. Take phone calls. Now all phone calls can be taken hands-free in any vehicle.
  7. Listen to music. You’ll be able to hear your favorite tunes while driving or jogging.
  8. Check your text messages and e-mails live. And then you can reply to them instantly using the voice-activated command system.
  9. Quickly search and find the information you need. All of Google will be right there in front of you. Heck, you could impress your friends at the bar by cheating when playing those trivia games.
  10. Use Google Maps to find where to go. It will be integrated into Glass by default.
  11. Share what you see live with others. Is your child standing at-bat, about ready to win the baseball game? Share all the drama with your friends and family live in real-time.
  12. Get automatic route updates for work. Google Now is integrated with Glass. Now tracks your daily habits and gives you advice and suggestions on what to do. If traffic is heavy on a certain route, it suggests an alternative.

Most of those features are confirmed, and a couple are hypothetical. The cool thing about Glass? All these new features are real or very possible, and it hasn’t even been released to the public yet!

Look for the consumer version at the very end of this year, or the beginning of 2015, and be sure to attend the GRACE Gala this year for a chance to win the prototype!