Why Constant Contact? (Pt. 1)

Email marketing is a cheap, effective, and timely tool to help build your relationship with current customers and solicit new ones. Abundant features offered by Constant Contact, specifically, help make this strategy not only simple but truly rewarding. Thinking of sending promotional emails to customers but wondering how or when to start? In the words of author Seth Godin, “Soon is not as good as now.”

Email marketing is a key tool to reach a wide audience quickly with very little budget. When done properly, these campaigns can boost brand awareness, website traffic, customer loyalty—even sales! More cost-effective than traditional direct mail and other advertising options, about 8 in 10 SMBs consider email a primary customer acquisition channel (and the same goes for retention!).

Using a reputable tool such as Constant Contact is the key to a successful email marketing campaign. i5ww’s email marketing solutions offer both full service and do-it-yourself email programs designed to fit almost every customer loyalty and repeat business advertising need. Constant Contact is our email marketing provider of choice for several reasons noted both here and in a follow-up post as well. Let’s dive in!

Benefit #1: Deliverability

After you pour time and money into crafting an email campaign, it’s crucial to ensure the message actually reaches subscribers. While many internet service providers will drop emails without sending a bounce message, you’ll always know if your email is successfully delivered with Constant Contact. Why? Their reports include statistics showing how many emails were sent, bounce rate, spam reports, opt-outs, opens, clicks, and forwards.

Moreover, Constant Contact is a “consent-based” tool. This means consumers must subscribe to your contact list and give permission to receive newsletters or other forms of email. The sign-up page will list your reasons for collecting email addresses and how you plan to use them. Potential recipients must accept these terms to land on your list.

Permission-based marketing is extremely beneficial because it infers your contacts want to hear from you. This, in turn, drives increased response and click-through rates. Constant Contact’s rich reporting tools also help you further customize your lists in the name of more targeted campaigns.

Always at the forefront of new technology and legal concerns, the company offers solutions to optimize your email delivery while fighting against SPAM. This includes automatically using email authentication and requiring each sender to follow specific steps to comply with U.S. laws.

All Constant Contact emails include your contact information, including your physical address as required by the CAN-Spam Act. Each email also contains a “Safe Unsubscribe” button so users can instantly opt out with no need for further action. Visit the Constant Contact website to read more about the company’s anti-spam practices.