6 Slick Techniques for Using LinkedIn for B2B Marketing


You’ve heard the conventional LinkedIn marketing advice:

  • Participate in groups
  • Post updates
  • Write posts

…And supposedly the leads are going to come streaming in. Now, those are no doubt helpful things to do.

But you need a system that actually works to consistently deliver you highly qualified leads.

Here’s what to do (thanks to Jeff Haden for tips 1-4):

  1. Take 1 Minute Each Day to Post an Update

…And that’s it! Set a timer if you have to. Otherwise, you’ll waste too much time trying to find the right thing to say.

  1. Share the Good News about Your Prospects

Use “@theirusername” to make sure they get notice of your mention. Do it when their company makes the news, or something good happens in their professional life.

Limit yourself to 1 minute daily for this task too.

  1. Write Recommendations and Give Endorsements

With recommendations, those keep you permanently top-of-mind. Just make sure they’re legitimate.

Don’t connect with someone you just met and then immediately recommend them. They’ll see through your insincerity.

Endorsements don’t build as much goodwill. But, they’re a nice ego boost that bring you to the top of your prospect’s mind.


Do this just 5 minutes each day.

  1. Connect with People You Meet During Your Business Day

Don’t just hit “connect” left and right to see who you can connect with. Do it with people you’ve actually met.

Anyone you meet during your business day is a potential connection. Take just 5 minutes each day to do this.

  1. Personalize Every Connection Invitation

Treating prospects like numbers turns them off. You give them the idea they’re a number when you leave the connection request to be “I’d like to add you to my professional network.”

Most people won’t respond to that. Those that do don’t likely won’t be interested in you or what you have to offer.

Instead, scan the person’s profile. Look for anything you and your potential connection share. If you can, mention something you find interesting about that person that’s not related to work. That stands out to them.

  1. Make it Clear You’re Looking for Leads on Your Profile

And state precisely what types of leads you want to find. So if you help small business and startups market their services, say that’s what you’re after.

This takes just 15-30 minutes and you only have to do it once.

So that’s a simple system for attracting more leads from LinkedIn. Don’t deviate from it – or whatever you design. You don’t want to fall into the trap of letting LinkedIn consume all your time.

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