Why You Shouldn’t Obsess about Quality Score


What’s your Quality Score today? Do you spend much of your time trying to fine-tune every detail so you maximize it?

There’s something to be said for optimizing your quality score. But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t perfect it.

Let us explain why:

  1. Technically, It’s not a Score Out of 10

Quality Score really tries to predict your click-through rate. It measures criteria like ad copy, landing page experience, optimization, and your current click-through rate.

You learn how well you score overall on those criteria. But that doesn’t guarantee the true performance of your ad.

  1. Google Itself Doesn’t Understand Quality Score

On one disastrous occasion, October 27, 2010, every keyword had its quality score fall to 3 or less.

Google reported:

“The issue appears that the Quality Scores of the keywords in the actual auction are not being affected, but the way they are being reported in the interface is incorrect.”

What this means is that the actual Quality Score and the reported score are two different things. This explains why you have keywords with a good click-through rate that have poor quality scores.

  1. You Don’t Control Quality Score

If anything from this post so far has been clear, it’s that you don’t control Quality Score. You don’t always know why you have the score you do. And neither does Google.

When you get a high Quality Score, you might get a lower cost-per-click. But even that isn’t always precise.

  1. Profitability Counts More

At the end of the day, this is what any search marketing campaign is about, isn’t it? So, if you get good margins from keywords with average Quality Scores, why worry?

You can adjust and test them a little to see if you can reduce your costs. But, as long as you’re profitable, that’s what counts.

  1. You Have Many Other Factors to Worry about with PPC

Quality Score is just one of many things you should concern yourself with. You also have to know about location targeting, device modifiers, cost per conversion, conversion rate, and net margins.

With more important metrics related to your profitability, Quality Score shouldn’t be your sole or primary focus.

It takes many hours to optimize Quality Score. Hours which you could better spend fine-tuning other parts of your PPC campaign.