Hot off the Press

Consider this scenario: on the fifth anniversary of the day your business earned its first dollar, sales of a new product are soaring and the mayor calls to tell you that your business has been voted Company of the Year. You’d be proud of your accomplishments and you’d want to let new and potential customers to know about them, but how would you go about getting the word out? One of the best and most efficient ways to broadcast news about your company is by publishing a press release. And while speedy information transmission certainly is an enticing reason to write a press release, this blog wouldn’t be worth its salt if we didn’t also mention another spectacular advantage: internet marketing.

If you’re not familiar with them, press releases are documents that are issued to the media to announce news related to a business or product. They’re organized much like a news article would be, with a headline, dateline, and well-developed, concise body copy arranged in paragraph form. Press releases can also contain unique little elements that pack a powerful internet marketing punch: links to both the main page and the important internal pages of your sites.

Once they’ve been distributed on the Web via an online wire service (i5 uses PR Web), the press releases will be indexed by search engines and sent to news sites like Yahoo! News, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be found in searches. Press releases are also often featured on other sites, meaning the links you’ve embedded within them will be featured on the sites as well. And since the Web is an international medium, there’s hardly a limit to the number of people your release could reach. There are, however, some guidelines that you must consider if you truly want to reach people with your press release.

Readers are more likely to consider an article to be credible (rather than simply a sales pitch) if it sounds like it has come from an independent source, so it is critical that your press release be written in a journalistic style. The biggest key to writing an attractive press release, though, is choosing a topic that is legitimately newsworthy and interesting. What qualifies? Awards that your business has won, a milestone it’s reached, an important new hire (like a company president), an expansion announcement, or the launch of a new product or service are all great press release fodder. I5 web works writes and publishes press releases for our clients quite often, so we have the experience, connections, and the knowhow to turn newsworthy into link-worthy.