Social Networking by the Numbers

Social networks: we’ve all heard of them, and most of us are at least familiar with the basic principles of all the major ones—Facebook is the biggest, YouTube is the place to watch videos, Flickr is for pictures, and Twitter is, well, Twitter. But enough about the basics! We’ve compiled a list of fun social media trivia that’s sure to make you the most popular guy or gal at your next party. Or help you answer a Final Jeopardy question. Or at least make you say “hmm.”
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The Business of Social Networks

At i5 web works, we’re all about tracking internet trends and keeping up with the newest and most efficient ways of being found online, so we just love The Pew Internet & American Life Project. If you’re not familiar with it, The Pew Internet Project is one of seven projects that make up the Pew Research Center, which "provides information on issues, attitudes, and trends shaping America and the world." The Pew Internet Project is focused on the Internet’s impact on our world; its research covers everything from emails and blogs to podcasts and social networking.

Recently, the project reported that 19% of internet users are sharing updates about themselves via Twitter or another online status-updater service. That’s up a whopping 8% over what was reported in December of 2008 and April of this year, which indicates to us that social networking sites are quickly becoming some of the most popular new kids on the block.

So what does social networking have to do with internet marketing? Just about everything. You see, social networks like Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for finding out what your fifth grade teacher had for breakfast anymore. With heavy hitters like Starbucks, McDonalds, and Apple joining the fray, social networking sites are turning into havens for online business marketing and promotion. And since 55% of the people who are updating their statuses on these sites are between the ages of 18 and 44, the companies that are marketing themselves on social networks are smack dab in the middle of their customer bases.

I5 web works burst on to the Facebook scene a few months ago, and we’re so impressed with it that we encourage our clients to get their businesses out there as well. If you’re not sure how to get into the social network arena, or if you’re just too busy to maintain your account, let i5 web works do it for you!