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Need Managed Hosting with great Service — Worry-Free Managed Hosting?

Red Coyote Services will:

  • Transfer and set up your website and email hosting
  • Set your domain records to easily resolve your hosting to the new server
  • We do the worrying, and you sleep peacefully. 

We host and manage websites for a number of clients, see a few on Our Website Hosting Clients.  Feel free to ask on this list if we are taking care of them.  

As a small business, it is challenging for you to become technically proficient with all the Day-to-Day technology required for your business. It is also expensive to have a technical advisor on staff.

No need, we will do that!

Red Coyote Services is partnered with Tier.Net to provide Website Hosting using Cloud technology. Tier gives us the Cloud infrastructure that only Enterprise level companies have. We like Tier for their technology, but more so due to their support — they answer the phone when called. Tier works with us to solve the issue, and they are accountable. We like that!  We believe their support mirrors our own and we continue to strive to find partners who do the same.

Contact is a call away 855-565-7895 or 520-543-4480.


The best hosting company is arguable; everyone thinks they are the best. We believe we can make the case that we are an exceptional website hosting company. “The best” is your call! Use our Managed Hosting services and tell us what you think!

Hosting for your needs is a call away at 855-565-7895 or 520-543-4480.

While there are many advantages to the Cloud, some of the salient points are the scalable, flexible, and open nature of the Cloud are the most relevant.

By providing Windows and Linux servers in the Cloud and a wide variety of supporting applications, almost any website can be hosted with minimal need for extra support or tools.

We can set up your site in short order and maintain it for you. Or, set it up, and you maintain it. Whatever works for you.

By The Way, There is nothing we do that you cannot do! You can go to Tier.Net, lease a server, install a website, set up and manage email, change domain records, answer the phone at 2:00 in the morning if someone has an issue.

You can do it! We will do it better and more efficiently.

Maybe we are the best!


We offer a variety of domain associated email services:

Know this; Email Management is a pain to manage! Yes, a simple mailbox can be easy, but many can be a challenge. When it works, it is a piece of cake to manage. When it goes awry, we hope you have Red Coyote Services to contact.

You manage, we manage; either way, you have the best of all world using the Cloud server options.

Email Hosting is a call away 855-565-7895 or 520-543-4480.



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