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This is a good report

listing the 11 Best Host (two were tied for 10th)

We will focus on the top three for our comparison—all data provided by U.S. News except that of Red Coyote Services.



Hosting Type:

Stars U.S. News Rating:

Per the article, “We’ve researched almost two dozen hosting services to narrow down the Best Web Hosting Services of 2022 so you can determine which host will best suit you and your business’ needs when it comes to pricing, hosting types, technical specifications, and customer support. With this knowledge at hand, you can feel more confident knowing that your web hosting service will meet your individual needs and that your web presence is well cared for and available to those searching for you.”

In fairness, Red Coyote Services is not in the same league as the top 11 in terms of size, so the comparison is unfair to those 11.

The article discusses shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and website-builder options for most of the top 11.  If they would have asked, Red Coyote Services, RCS hereafter, also provides those services.

So, what is the difference? A person.  Those buyers who know exactly what they want and are tech savvy enough to make the decisions, many of the top 11, maybe a good choice.  For those buyers who need a bit of assistance from a live person – you know, not AI/Automated Attendant – then RCS might be a good choice.

While we do not always answer the phone – yes, we use voice mail. We will always call you back.  We believe a conversation may be the best path to a good solution.  Do we know everything about hosting?  Of course not.  But, we likely know someone who does.

Give us a try.  If you need to host a WordPress site, call us.  If you need a dedicated server, you are likely knowledgeable enough to know what you want; we can assist you.

If you need a new website, we are not a template house.  We build custom-designed, responsive websites on WordPress.  Of course, we are biased, but our websites are better than templates.  You can get a nice template site, but the burden is on you.  In our world, we share that burden.  Our websites might cost more, but they are likely more complete and more functional on day one than a template site.

The bottom line, check us out.



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