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Google is all about content, content, content. Content is essential — got that?

Therefore, your website must contain words and text discussing your products and services. Including benefit statements explaining the value of your products and services to the user.

Simply, the context for their purchase decision, a notice of measure or benefit to which the customer can relate. And several calls to action.

While content is important, images are an essential aspect of any website. Website visitors relate to images — those happy, smiley faces using your product or service. Those images demonstrate how to use your product or how your service will benefit the visitor, allowing them to see themselves using it. Photos and graphics add grace to the website and enhance your Company’s ideals. The illustrations add a different feel and flavor to the website design.

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Your Company – its product or its service – is high quality. If the graphics used in the website design are of low quality or do not align with the Company’s visions or products, you will lose visitors.

What is important is the relation between the website’s design and the business behind it. A poor design and a terrible choice of graphics and its layout will only give people an unprofessional and distorted assumption about your Company.

The design layout of your website is the one crucial element that represents your Company as a whole. Each graphic used on your website should relate to the text on that relevant page, the message being communicated, and the viewers.


Just planting a few images on a page is a simple job, but few little twists are exceptionally vital for you to know. A good design layout is realistic as well as visual. Well-designed pages of a website are easier to read and direct your readers where you want them to be led. Before proceeding any further, you must know that the graphics you want on your site add a zing and style to the web pages and help your visitors visualize what your site is about and how it has been planned and structured.

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